West L.A. Music Hosts Slayer Guitarist Kerry King!

Kerry King demonstrates one of his signature Slayer riffs to one of several clinic attendees.

LOS ANGELES, CA- March 29, 2008 - Kerry King, legendary guitarist for Grammy winning thrash-metal pioneers, Slayer, recently presented his "Guitar Abuse Clinic" to a packed house at West L.A. Music's outdoor Amphitheatre. At this exclusive Los Angeles appearance, King gave a live demonstration of his groundbreaking guitar techniques, characterized by speed and chaos, as well as heavy, erratic vibrato and pronounced use of his guitar's whammy bar. The event was sponsored by Marshall Amps, and showcased King's signature Marshall 2203KK amp and the MG10KK practice amp.

Kerry King surprised and thrilled the audience by inviting guitarists on stage to play Slayer riffs on his personal guitar and amp. King then performed the same riff himself, showing the audience exactly how the part should be played. Over thirty audience members came on stage one by one for a personal critique and mini-lesson from King.

King discussed and answered questions about his life on the road as one of the world's most renowned guitar players. After the clinic, West L.A. Music held a meet and greet where each clinic attendee had the opportunity to get an autograph and a photo. Slayer fans lined up around the block to have their guitars, t-shirts, and posters signed by King. King also presented a new Kerry King Signature Marshall guitar amp to one lucky fan.

West LA Music General Manager, Rick Waite, commented that King was extraordinarily gracious and generous to interact with so many fans. King replied that every successful artist should do the same and give something back to aspiring musicians.

Nick Bowcott, Marshall U.S. Product Specialist and former guitarist and founder of Grim Reaper, opened the Clinic by performing an impressive medley of sixty legendary rock songs, to demonstrate the powerful sounds and flexibility of Marshall Amps. Throughout the 80's, Bowcott toured the world with Grim Reaper, known for their distinctly energetic "power metal" sound and raw, melodically-charged style. Although they were based in the United Kingdom, Grim Reaper developed widespread appeal among U.S. audiences, releasing two albums that reached the U.S. Top 100 charts.

Kerry King, who has played with artists ranging from Pantera to the Beastie Boys, is known for his distinctive sound, both in solos and rhythm guitar work. As a member of Slayer which was originally formed by King and guitarist Jeff Hanneman, King wrote the majority of the band's dark song lyrics, most of which were influenced by King's love of horror movies. In addition to being nominated for three Grammy Awards, Slayer has also won two Grammys for Best Metal Performance: one in 2007 for the song "Eyes of the Insane, and one in 2008 for the song "Final Six."

The Kerry King Signature Marshall head is a single-channel all-tube, master-volume 100 watt guitar amp, based on the legendary JCM800 2203, with its easy control panel and distinctive roar. The new 2203KK Kerry King model features a switchable signature sound section called "The Beast."