Mike Huckabee Visits West L.A. Music!

Presidential Candidate and Former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee visits West L.A. Music! (pictured with Rick Waite, Don Griffin, and Mark Spiwak, all of West L.A. Music)

Audio clip from Mike Huckabee's interview on
American Public Radio program Weekend America

"McCartney was more innovative. Entwistle had a more traditional concept of the bass. But McCartney was the most innovative bass player of that era. He really was. And let me tell you this: I was in Los Angeles and I got to play John Entwistle's actual Thunderbird bass. It's at the West LA Music Company, and Don Griffin, the guy who owns that store, owns that guitar. And so he pulls it out, and I got to play on that guitar that he played on all The Who's earlier stuff."